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I didn't have a planning period the second half of last school year, and it is an experience that I would not care to repeat.  My school had a teacher leave mid-year (actually two) and needed two of us to pick up the American History courses since they were only hiring for the Special Education portion of  the schedule.

Do not get me wrong, I was financially compensated for this, but I am not sure it was worth the stress and pressure that came with it.  Now, much of that pressure came from my OCD self and needing to do everything.  Hubby promised to help out more knowing I would be doing more at home for school.

My principal was at first not supportive of me taking on this extra class, but I was game and the superintendent seemed to really need me to do this.  Well, my principal was right to worry, I lost it right before spring break.  I didn't have a total meltdown or anything, but I certainly needed a vacation, and I needed to change something.

I was able to negotiate some added supplies for taking on this American History class, and I relied on the textbook heavily in order to just survive.  Yes, I taught from the book and had students read section in that book.

  I also took a second teacher's aid to help with the mundane tasks of handing back papers and making copies.  I know I could not have survived without these two wonderful ladies.

I knew that I had to create some rules for myself:

I did not take on anything more....PERIOD.
I would come in earlier than I had been, but not too early because my sleep is important.
Every other Sunday I would need to spend a few hours at school.
Use a timer to force myself to not spend too much time on school stuff at home.
Carry my school bag with me everywhere, and grade and plan what I could when I could.
Remember the end will come!

Oh, did I mention that I coach track in the spring too?  My co-coach was awesome and somehow we both survived the season.

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