Classroom Transformation III: The Shopping Extravaganza Revealed

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I must say that all of this shopping occurred before Fourth of July week, but I only just got everything together in my classroom in order to assess what I still needed, so hubby need not worry that I spent more money.

I found six of these lovelies at the fabric store near my parents in my classroom colors of lime and purple.  The store had tons of super cute containers and such, but nothing else in purple or lime.  I bought all six, which are different sizes too.  

I will be hanging them from the ceiling, which Ms. Joanie (a now ex-coworkers) says must be decorated too.  If you remember from my first post, I have crazy high ceilings; I really think they push 16 feet high, and I don't like ladders.  As a result, someone will be helping me hang these.  I plan on doing them in two groups of three with assorted colors and sizes.

I like that they are open on the top and the bottom, so my dear students can't throw things into them to be discovered in the spring.

I will be hanging these and my clothespins that I described in Part II with this gorgeous ribbon.  I bought the purple and line, but the black polka dot is leftover from my wedding, and I found it in a box while cleaning my craft room...whoohoo!

I hope I have enough for the wall strip, the six lanterns, and the no name clips on my closet door.  I would also like to make a couple of bows, but that might be pushing it.

I also have been on the look out for the last month for bins.  Elementary teachers love bins, but I say secondary teachers can too.  

I want to be able to have table sets of materials.  It won't be one for each table because I have fifteen, but one for every 2/3 will be helpful next year.

Bins for each pair of tables to hold supplies such as markers and scissors.

Then I got some bins to hold journals.  I have always had my dear students take their journals with them every day, which has resulted in an excessive amount of running to lockers.  I think these will help my juniors keep track of their journals better.  Plus they are super cute!  I do wonder how the fabric will hold up over the year, though.

Journal bins for juniors

Then there is everything else.  Four more big bins for I'm not sure what.  A small lime bin for my desk.  My desk flower pens, which I will do a tutorial on making.  Plus some odds and ends I found that were too cute to pass up.

Have you started your school supply shopping yet?

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