Monday Made It: Curtains and Chair

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I'm linking up with Tara @ 4thGradeFrolics for another Monday Made It.

I only have two this week, and they are both for school.  However, there are several awesome projects going that will be done for next Monday.

Here we go...

Last time I went to school, I brought home my desk chair.  My mom had recovered hers, so I thought I would try it with my work chair since the arms had holes developing.  I am sure the cleaning crew thought I was crazy rolling this chair down the hallway and loading it into my car.  I took it home, showed my hubby, and promptly left to take the girls to dance.

I got this this photo while at dance with the message that he broke my chair...funny man.

I was very concerned about it getting back together in working condition, so when I got home, we went right to work.
I set the all the pieces out on the fabric.  I only had one yard to work with, but should have ha d a little more because the pieces barely fit with enough for edges to be covered.

I used 3M spray adhesive and my staple gun.  After I cut the fabric to fit around each piece, I sprayed the item with the adhesive and wrapped it like a present.  We then staples the fabric around the back side.  I let hubby do the stapling, but I should have done it because he went too close to the edge and some of the staples show.

I repeated this process for each pieces.
While I was finishing the back and arms, I set hubby (ever the good sport for my do-it-ourselves projects) to work putting the chair back together.

It works amazingly well and is so much cleaner.  It now sits behind my purple desk as school.
Didn't it turn out cute?

This is my only major sewing project this summer.  I made new curtains for my classroom.  The students broke one blind and the maintenance staff broke the other.  My current window treatments were two mismatched curtains on one window, and these were faded to a brownish color...ewww....they went straight into the trash, and I did not take a picture.

I got this awesome upholstery fabric for 50% the week of July 4th, and I got around to the curtains this week.
It almost matches my chair fabric except the white on the curtains is more cream and the fabric is heavier.

I measured the windows in my room, leaving enough for a loop at the top and seams.  Basically, I cut the 5 yards in half.

I folded it in half and cut it with my quilt mat and rotary cutter.

Then I cut each of those in half the other way.  I measured twice, did the math twice, and still managed to cut one side about an inch or two narrower than the other...on both curtains.  Oh well, won't show when it hangs, I hope.

This cut was a little tricky because of the thickness of the fabric when folded over.

Four almost perfect pannels.

I then set to work rolling, pinning, and sewing the sides on each panel.  It too what seemed like forever.  I would do one and reward myself with writing 10 minutes.

Then I measured the pocket at the top for the curtain rod.  The tricky part here is getting all four exactly the same size.  Thank goodness for the lines on the fabric.

Then I sewed all four of those.

I then ran to the school to measure them with length before cutting the bottom and hemming them.

I think they turned out super cute.  I even put up new curtain rods.

They aren't quite wide enough to close all the way, but I knew that going in with the width of fabric.

Perhaps I'll see if I can get new blinds for the windows to go behind the curtains for extra light-blockage when needed.

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