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I am not writing this as a paid endorser of this website, but I do LOVE IT.

I discovered this about three years ago, and I put a supply list up to see if I could get any products.  I did get a huge case of individual facial tissue packets that kept my room stocked for almost a full year.

Every spring I get a friendly reminder to update my lists.  This year I had an even better idea.  As a mom with two kids in school, I thought it would be nice to know what my girls need for school when it goes on sale (usually July now) instead of having to wait until registration packets were picked up in late August.

I am slowly working on getting our whole district on there and then link it to the homepage of the website. I started with the high school and have a few of the remaining teachers, the ones that didn't retire, on there already.  I got a wonderful surprise in May.

I received four of these in the mail:

I was even more surprised when arrived at school today and found two boxes with my name on them.  I had no idea what they could be because our supply orders don't come in until August, but I adore mail.

They were from www.teacherlists.com too.  Now this won't be enough to get me through the year, but it certainly will get me started.

In addition to the wonderful free supplies, my students and parents (Do parents still shop for high school students?) can see what materials they need now when stuff is on sale.

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