My Teachers Pay Teachers Pre-Thanksgiving Sale

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All my products are currently 15% off, so stock up on literature tests and social studies units before the craziness of the holiday season hits full swing.

Here are some of my best sellers:

This product is also available as an Examview Test bank.

This is also available as an Examview Testbank for the program Examview.

Wordless Wednesday: Anchor Chart from TPT 11/19

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I recently purchased a great resource from Teachers Pay Teachers that I turned into an anchor chart by printing on multiple pages.

Not only will these help my students, but they will help me stay consistent from text to text with our annotations.

You can buy this resource HERE.

What is your favorite resource that you have recently downloaded (or uploaded) to Teachers Pay Teachers?

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Sunday Scoop 11/9

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Yesterday was a good day of doing nothing terribly productive, so today will be a marathon for me.

1) I blew all the leaves out to the road a week ago only to have the blow back into the yard, along with those belonging to the neighbor across the street, before the city came to suck them up.
2) Apparently the coach though that the last practice before the first game was the best time to tell the girls (not even send a note home) that they need a white turtleneck, shoes, and black yoga pants.  Guess I am off to find those today.
3) I need to seriously revamp my Frankenstein test for tomorrow since we spent a lot of time on themes and figurative language, so I will be making my standard trip into the school at some point today.

1) I have five baskets of laundry in my living room.  They are all clean, but I need to get it folded.  That will be my project while I continue to binge-watch Gilmore Girls.
2) Hubby has to be to work at 6 A.M. tomorrow, which means I will be by myself with the girls in the morning.  Last time I was on my own, our youngest went into full melt-down mode and I dropped the crock-pot.  Here is to getting all the clothes out and lunches done before bed tonight.

1) Yesterday the girls slept until after 11 due to Daddy keeping them up late Friday night, so I got to enjoy a full morning of peace and quiet.  Today I wasn't so lucky, but I am still okay sitting here with my coffee for an hour or two.  That is one of the things I miss most about summer...quiet mornings.

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November Currently and Sunday Scoop 10/2

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I have a two for one post going this morning: My Sunday Scoop and My November Currently

Thanks Farley for the great linky and template!  Check out the other currently posts.

Listening: Right now the dishwasher is running.  I have cleaned my kitchen six time since Friday morning. I need to get the hubby and kids to clean up after themselves, ideas?  In general right now, though, I am listening to the free Google Albums of the week.  I now have a reminder set to track them down each week.  I have gotten three good ones so far.

Loving:  I always dread the coming of fall, but I am getting into it right now: the colors, the crisp mornings, and the desire to make soup.  I also appreciate the fact that we are back in school and don't have AC, so I want it cooler then I don't feel so bad about being stuck inside either.  I am sill jjealousof those of you down south though ( I will be a snowbird someday).  

We got a new Meijer in the town where my girls dance, and they have an amazing selection of flavored coffee creamers.  I currently have coconut, caramel machiado, buttered toffee, and Girl Scout cookie in my fridge.

I recently started Gilmore Girls on Netflix...a season every two weeks so the books on the show :)

Thinking:  I have gotten so much great mail this month; September SLANT box, Jamberry order, Birchbox, first Ipsy, Nerdblock, Naturebox, free samples, Stitch Fix, and three pairs of pants from The Loft.  I am looking forward to more great mail this month.

Wanting: Our Christmas Club account payout will be coming this week, so I want to get a list started, so I can get going when the check arrives.  I also want to get my sewing done ahead of time this year, so I need to make a list of what I need to sew.  I am hoping to clean out the fabric piles this year and maybe finish some 1/2 done projects.

Needing:  Quarter One ended Friday, and I have two sets of essays to read.  Yes, I procrastinated on them.  Grades are due Wednesday at noon, so I will be spending a portion of today in my classroom.  I enjoy being in there on Sunday as it is quiet, and I get a lot done.  Hopefully I can finish today.

Reading: I just finished Gone Girl.  What an ending!  Now I am hunting for something new.  I'm not sure if I want fiction, memoir, or school book.

Here is my plan for today.

1) We covered this one already.
2) Last Monday I used my new leaf blower to blow everything out to the road.  However, before the city could come suck them up on Tuesday, most of them were back in our yard.  Back to square one.
3) I got everything to make pasties a few weeks ago, and hubby is off today, so we are going to become a pastie factory today.

1) This is a real post, but I need an education one scheduled.  A new product done for TPT would be awesome too.
2) I like to lay out all my clothes for work on Sunday.  I love my sleep, so anything I can do to save a few minutes is awesome.  It also lets me think out my choices as a whole and get it lined up to what I have going on.  Like Thursdays when I go right from work to a full night of dance with my girls, I want to be comfy.

1) I want to begin the hunt for a new book: fiction, nonfiction, school related...not sure yet.

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Stitch Fix #1

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In August I signed up for my first Stitch Fix.  The promise is that for $20 (which gets credited towards any items you keep) you get five items hand-selected for you by a stylist.  You fill out a style profile and link a Pinterest board.

Sorry about the photo quality; I am still working on a good place to take my outfit photos.  Until last week the only full-length mirror was in my older daughter's room.  Now to figure out a good place to hang mine where there is decent lighting.

I awaited very, very anxiously until my first box arrived in September; I even biked to the post office in the rain to get it when my car was in the shop.  I was very disappointed.  I searched all the items in my cart as soon as my box shipped and was disheartened with the items I was being sent.  I specifically asked for jeans in my not to my stylist.
The packaging is so much fun.  The boxes are great quality too and are being saved to holiday shipping.

I loved the style cards and personalized message from my stylist.

The stack of items looked so nice on my bed.  Even though I wasn't super excited over the items I was sent, I was hoping trying them on would win me over.
Kut From The Klot Sonja Straight Leg Jean $78

I was most excited about the jeans; however, when I looked them over, I realized they were two sizes bigger than what was on my style profile.  They were super soft and comfy; I wanted to keep them so back, but I couldn't even make them work with a belt.  I was so bummed as the price was even right.  I wore them with each top.

Sent Back

41 Hawthorn Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse $58
This was the most promising of the tops.  I put it on over a black tank, which I wore under the other two pieces as well.  I actually fell in love with this.  I was hoping to have something worth keeping, and this was it.  It was so soft and not too fitted.


Ezra Shaye Ribbon Detail V-Neck Blouse $48

I really thought this might be a winner, but it was so boxy on me and the neck was too wide that my tank showed.  I can't handle that type of fit on a shirt.  The color was good though.

Sent Back

Sanctuary Sheslton Solid Trim Waffle Knit Sweater $68

This piece was awful.  The color was wrong, the fit was wrong, and the size was wrong.  It looks like something my grandfather would have worn.  The sleeves were too long for me too.  I don't know what this stylist was thinking.

Sent Back

Zad Dawson Hammered Layered Metal Bib Necklace $34

I was surprised to get jewelry in my box, but this was a decent piece.  I just didn't know what I owned that I could wear it with.  I tried it on with several items and it wasn't doing it for me.

Sent Back

Here is to hoping the second box will be better.

If you are interested, please use my referral link.  I earn $25 for each person who uses my link.

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