Sunday Scoop 11/9

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Yesterday was a good day of doing nothing terribly productive, so today will be a marathon for me.

1) I blew all the leaves out to the road a week ago only to have the blow back into the yard, along with those belonging to the neighbor across the street, before the city came to suck them up.
2) Apparently the coach though that the last practice before the first game was the best time to tell the girls (not even send a note home) that they need a white turtleneck, shoes, and black yoga pants.  Guess I am off to find those today.
3) I need to seriously revamp my Frankenstein test for tomorrow since we spent a lot of time on themes and figurative language, so I will be making my standard trip into the school at some point today.

1) I have five baskets of laundry in my living room.  They are all clean, but I need to get it folded.  That will be my project while I continue to binge-watch Gilmore Girls.
2) Hubby has to be to work at 6 A.M. tomorrow, which means I will be by myself with the girls in the morning.  Last time I was on my own, our youngest went into full melt-down mode and I dropped the crock-pot.  Here is to getting all the clothes out and lunches done before bed tonight.

1) Yesterday the girls slept until after 11 due to Daddy keeping them up late Friday night, so I got to enjoy a full morning of peace and quiet.  Today I wasn't so lucky, but I am still okay sitting here with my coffee for an hour or two.  That is one of the things I miss most about summer...quiet mornings.

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