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I wanted to share this great giveaway that I am a part of.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Stitch Fix #10 August 2015

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Last summer I signed up for my first Stitch Fix.  The promise is that for $20 (which gets credited towards any items you keep) you get five items hand-selected for you by a stylist.  You fill out a style profile and link a Pinterest board, so your stylists know what you like.  

This box was not my favorite, and it probably fell in my bottom three boxes (behind my first two) when it arrived.  I was not in love with much in the box, but trying everything on changed my tune.  I had asked for a pencil skirt as I don't own one, and the one they sent last month didn't fit right. 

First out of the box was this tank.  I was ABSOLUTELY turned off by the pattern in the box, but once I put it on, it was one of the pieces I considered keeping.

The one thing with the top was that my bra straps wouldn't stay under the top, and that is big issue for me as a high school teacher.   I paired this top with my skinny jeans and the bag that came in my fix.

The bag was a nice teal color and very spacious, but the details seemed dated with the tassels and the braided handle.  My husband said that it looked like something an aged hippie would carry.  He loves to make comments about the clothes I get.

Urban Expressions Avery Zipper Detail Hobo Bag $68 RETURNED
Renee C Tucker Split Back Blouse $48 RETURNED


As I said last month, I do not own a pencil skirt and my stylists keep telling me to pair my tops with one, so I thought it best to ask for one.  The one they sent last month rode up, so I sent it back.  This month I got two.  This one was the most promising item in the box.  I paired it with a pink top from I already owned.  I did like this skirt a lot, but it also rode up more than I liked when I walked.  

As much as I loved the pattern, the fabric and fit made me feel that I wouldn't wear it much.

Renee C Marcy Skirt $58 RETURNED


The next item is a crochet-detail blouse.  I wasn't sure about it at all in the box, but with my fuchsia jeans it looked pretty spectacular.  I actually got more suggestions to keep this top than any other item.  On a side note, I ADORE my hair in this picture.

I felt that the front was a little dowdy and the back did not lend itself to a work top as it was open, and we thus have bra issues.

If I didn't work in a school, I would have kept it, but the open back was a deal breaker for me regardless of how nice it looked.  Also, I own several black blouses.  I didn't return this one though, my college roommate bought it, so I mailed it to her.

Papermoon Nilly Crochet Trim Open Back Blouse $48 SOLD TO A FRIEND


By now you may have guessed that I am saving the best for last.  This pencil skirt was NOT a winner in the box.  In fact I wasn't sure about it on the bed either.  Once I put it on, I knew it was perfect: a soft fabric, fit nicely, and didn't ride up.  Plus it will look fabulous with my cobalt blue Ballasox I got this summer.

I can pair it with blue, white, black, green, yellow, or red tops because of the colors in the detail.

Renee C Melisa Printed Pencil Skirt $48  KEPT


Be sure to follow my Pinterest Stitch Fix Board:

What do you love most?

If you are interested, please use my referral link as I get a credit for letting you know about Stitch Fix.

Activities for the Psychology Classroom: Build a Neuron

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 I have received a complimentary product to review from Oriental Trading Company.
 The opinions here are 100% mine!

This a series of posts with ideas for the psychology classroom.  I received a box of products from Oriental Trading Company for this series of posts.  Each post will showcase an item from Oriental Trading Company and a lesson that applies that item to the psychology classroom.

Today I am building a neuron.

Model Magic could easily be used for any model building or hands-on activity.  Model Magic comes in a tub (what teacher doesn't love a tub) with 4-8oz packages for $16.99.

What is Model Magic?

Model Magic is a light, air-drying material.  It has a wonderfully soft texture and become super-light when it is air dried overnight.  Just be sure that you put it in a container or baggie if you don't want it to dry.

It makes me happy that I have so much of this great product and a container to store it in that can be re-purposed when I am finished.

I pair this glorious material with our biology unit in psychology.  This unit is all about the brain and biological functions that apply to psychology.  One of the topics is neurons.  The parts of a neuron all serve a different function, so I really want my students to know each part and what it does.  In order to accomplish this, we build models of neurons.

Students start by constructing the Axon and Cell Body. 

Next came the Terminal Buttons.

Finally we add the Dendrites.

These can be used several ways once they are complete.  A class can line them up to 'send' and message across the room.  They can be left on paper or cardboard to dry and displayed as models.  Students can make labels for all the parts as a quiz on the structure of the neuron.

I have a rubric, label set, and directions, so you can build a set of neurons with your class.  Grab it from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

If you aren't going to dry your neurons to save them, the Model Magic can go in bags or containers for another project.

This stuff was so great to work with that I went out and bought secondary colors and neon colors.  My daughter got a hold of it to play with.  One of the containers was cracked, so the Model Magic was dry, but a quick call to Crayola resulted in a new package arriving later that week.

Stay tuned for more great ways to use Oriental Trading Company products in the classroom.

How would you use Model Magic in your classroom?

“This review is based strictly on my opinion. Others may have a different opinion or  experience with the product listed above. I was provided the sample free of charge by the  company or PR agency and I provided my honest opinion. No other type of compensation  was received for this review.”

5 for Friday: Giveaway, Conferences, and Reads

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 Doodlebugs Teaching for Five for Friday is a perfect way to start getting back in the swing of things, so here are five things that have to do with education from my week.

If you follow me on Instagram, and you should, you saw this email came this week.  I have been invited to present at miGoogle, our Michigan Google Conference.

I will be doing a longer session of a training I did for PD Without Borders.

I stumbled upon a blog post this week that I feel needs to be shared: 20 Ways to Enjoy Teaching.  We can always use reminders on how to avoid the drama and focus on the students.

How do you help remember why you enjoy teaching?

Monday thru Wednesday of this week I attended the Assessment Now conference offered by Solution Tree.  The brought all kinds of big-wigs in the areas of assessment and grading together.  The highlight of the three days was getting hear Thomas Guskey speak as our closing keynote.  Everything I have heard about him read of his work is true, and he lives what he says

He has the most soothing voice of any speaker.

I found a great Michigan Radio Broadcast from April that provides some food for thought.

What do you think?

Be sure to enter my giveaway for some great teacher planner stickers.  The original post is HERE

Classroom not Revealed

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I have say that I am jealous of those of you have your classrooms all set up and ready to go.  I am jealous because we have been under construction all summer (and even the end of last school year), and I have not been able to get into my classroom yet. 

However, I am NOT jealous of those of you that have gone back to school already.  We don't start here in Michigan until September 8th- the latest possible start date due to the latest day Labor Day can fall.

With that being said, I want to share my classroom not revealed with you.  Last spring I had to pack up everything in my room, and here it is piled in the hallway.  10+ years of teaching in one pile.  You might recognize my recovered office chair, my stool, and my file cabinet (which I was hoping to finish this summer but oh well) from last summer's classroom makeover.  I was kind of proud to say my entire classroom fit into 15 boxes after 10+ years because it means I throw stuff away.

Here is what the inside looked like on my visit a few weeks ago.

My board was taken off because it is being replaced since at the end of last year it started popping off the wall.  I am glad I am getting new carpet too; there were some pretty horrendous stains.

I also haven't been able to make trips into my classroom to drop off all the goodies I have collected this summer for what will be a reading corner.  Here is the glorious pile in my basement-blocking the laundry room.  At least dear hubby is patient about this pile; not that he uses the laundry room anyways.

Are any of you still not in school?  Does anyone else not have their classroom ready yet?

Here is to enjoying the rest of summer; be sure to stop by my post from earlier this week HERE and win a set of teacher planner stickers.

Back to School Sticker Giveaway Party

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I have fallen in love with my Erin Condren planner.

I haven't had a paper planner in years with my desk calendar at school and my smart phone.  However, as I kept seeing these pop up on Instagram and in blog posts, I had to see what it was all about.

Now, I am super frugal, and I could not pay full price, so I used a referral link to get $10 off and bought one on sale.  It made it very affordable.  You can use my referral link HERE if you want to get a $10 off coupon.

I have had some people give me hard time about using a paper planner, but I continue for two reasons:

1) Writing out my to-do list helps commit it to memory better than typing it in my phone
2) Having a hard copy forces me to use it and therefore sit down to look at my week

This led me to explore some of the wonderful sticker sets I have seen on Etsy.  Then I had a flash of inspiration for a Back to School Sticker set for teachers.

I have been working with Planner Press and Owl Plan With You to bring you some great teacher-planner stickers just in time for back to school.

I almost can't wait for school to start in order to use these Faculty Meeting Stickers.  Be sure to order your own set now for your calendar or planner.

I also adore this set of round edged teacher-event stickers.  I like that they fit over the boxes, so they stand out.  They will also be perfect in my lesson plan book when I get that done.

If you prefer they fit exactly in your planner, there is also a set for that.  Be sure to grab yours HERE.

Check out the sparkle on those Glitter Teacher Planner stickers!  These are going to be perfect for my new desk calendar at school.

Everyone needs some Birthday Stickers.  I have my brother, daughter, and mother all set up for November.

I think these Grading Flag Stickers are some of my favorites, and I may have to buy another set of them soon.  The sheet comes with 25, but I think I need MORE as I am always behind.

I am giving away two fabulous prizes: a full set of Planner Press teacher stickers and a sample set of Owl Plan With You teacher stickers.  These are perfect to get organized for back to school.

The best part is that while they fit Erin Condren planners, they would also jazz up any calendar, sanity saver, or lesson plan book.

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