Monday Made It 8/10:Sewing Bonanza and Erin Crondren

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Most of my weekend was spent in front of my sewing machine as it was raining, so my Monday Made It is a sewing bonanza.

My purse is now a happier place.

I made a little case for my ear buds that live in my purse.  I am hoping this will prevent them from getting tangled.  I used fusible batting to make it padded.  When I make another one, I will make it about an inch bigger, so you aren't shoving as much to get them in.

Here is the pattern and directions I used: Dog Under Desk

The next item for my purse was a sleeve for my sun glasses.  I don't carry a hard glasses case with me, although I have about a dozen in the closet from pairs of glasses.  This means my sunglasses or my real glasses are thrown in my purse when they are not in use.  This little beauty is perfect because it is padded and small enough for my purse.

It took a few tries to figure out how to sew the lining (I forgot to leave a hole to turn it right side out), but the end product has several of my friends drooling.

My patter came from Crazy Little Projects.

I love to throw my phone in my bag and go, which, according to dear hubby, is why the screen protector is always scratched.  I used to have a neoprene sleeve, but my smart phone has out-grown it.  I used a pattern from Brassy Apple to make one of my own.

If you want to add the flap, be sure to read the directions all the way through as it is easier to add before both sides are sewn together.  I also have several requests for these: my mom's is first.

I adore my paper planner even if I am a techie who uses Google Calendar.  A couple of people I work with were giving me a hard time about it.  My response is that I use Google Calendar and Tasks, but the act of writing it out by hand commits it to memory, so I actually get more done: HELLO BRAIN RESEARCH!!!  Plus it is so stinking CUTE

My last project is this pen holder for my planner.  You can buy this great elastic at craft stores now.  I wanted one that would hold my planner closed and snuggle a few of my Fixion Pens.

These directions can be found on Hello Creative.

If you adore dressing up your Erin Cronden like I do, be on the look out this week for a fabulous giveaway I am going live with this week that includes some sticker sets for your planner.  If you don't know about these beauties, check them out with my referral link and get your own with a $10 discount.

I am now in desperate need of some more felt and zippers to make these beauties for my friends.

Be sure to following my Sewing Pinterest Board

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