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I have say that I am jealous of those of you have your classrooms all set up and ready to go.  I am jealous because we have been under construction all summer (and even the end of last school year), and I have not been able to get into my classroom yet. 

However, I am NOT jealous of those of you that have gone back to school already.  We don't start here in Michigan until September 8th- the latest possible start date due to the latest day Labor Day can fall.

With that being said, I want to share my classroom not revealed with you.  Last spring I had to pack up everything in my room, and here it is piled in the hallway.  10+ years of teaching in one pile.  You might recognize my recovered office chair, my stool, and my file cabinet (which I was hoping to finish this summer but oh well) from last summer's classroom makeover.  I was kind of proud to say my entire classroom fit into 15 boxes after 10+ years because it means I throw stuff away.

Here is what the inside looked like on my visit a few weeks ago.

My board was taken off because it is being replaced since at the end of last year it started popping off the wall.  I am glad I am getting new carpet too; there were some pretty horrendous stains.

I also haven't been able to make trips into my classroom to drop off all the goodies I have collected this summer for what will be a reading corner.  Here is the glorious pile in my basement-blocking the laundry room.  At least dear hubby is patient about this pile; not that he uses the laundry room anyways.

Are any of you still not in school?  Does anyone else not have their classroom ready yet?

Here is to enjoying the rest of summer; be sure to stop by my post from earlier this week HERE and win a set of teacher planner stickers.

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