Classroom Transformation Part II: It gets worse before it gets better.

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If you want to check out the first post see: Part I of this series

I spent almost three hours in my classroom today.  The first part of the day was simply putting furniture back where it goes and taking down old stuff that didn't get done before school got out.

Bulletin Boards

I made a plan today,but I didn't hang anything because I want to finish my curtains first to help eliminate fade.
I use fabric on my boards after years of fading paper.  The fabric holds up much nicer.

The one remaining piece of fabric from last year that I will use:

I split my bulletin boards into two by covering part with one patter and part with another while using one border and boarding the seam between the fabrics.  This allows me to display multiple themes on one board.

The fabric and boarder to add to my existing purple bulletin boarder.
The fabrics (the black is actually swiss dot) and boarder for the bulletin board on the right of my back board.

Displaying Student Work 

I mentioned this wall in my original post.  I love the wall because it so big, but I hate it because the paint comes off easily and pushpins don't work.

I have a plan for this post down the middle of the wall.  I was going to buy a strip of metal to hang and use magnets on, but that posed two issues: 1) buying something else for my room might send hubby into a tizzy and 2) my dear students might make the magnets disappear.

Solution: Hang a ribbon on the post with nails or some other medium and hot glue clothespins to the ribbon.  I did this several years ago on my classroom closet door for no name papers.

I already have ribbon and clothespins, so I decided to take the wooden clothes pins and paint them purple to match my theme.  
Second coat of paint is needed when I go back in a few days.


I really don't love my desk it has some dents, scratches, and a strange lock mechanism that is broken and catches on my pant legs if I don't have it duct tapped over.  I have see some teacher get rid of their desk, but I really need a base to work from to make me comfortable.  We had five teachers retire in our building this past spring, so I tried scrounging for a different desk, but I was unsuccessful.  At that point I decided to refurbish mine.

I considered contact paper, but that would be awful to manage on such a large surface.  My metal desk was perfect for Rustoleum, which even comes in an awesome Grape color.  I couldn't find any here in town and refused to pay over $9 on Amazon, so dear hubby picked it up for me after work yesterday.

Here is the before picture.  I draped the top with a cloth and tapped the edges, so as not to ruin the top, which is a nice wood laminate.

The first coat went pretty well, but I was worried as it didn't cover much.  No worries as I had three fans going and two windows open.  I know it isn't ideal, but this BEAST was not getting down the stairs.

I then worked on some other projects while it dried to the touch.  I know the secret is several thin coats.

I then put another coat on and used up the last of the first can.  I am amazed at how well this paint and primer covered my desk.  I chose to not pain the inside because nobody will see it. I am still debating the three drawer fronts because of the built in handles.

After the second coat, my hands looked like the purple people eater was after me.

I also found this paper tray in the back of my room and painted it Grape too since it was an even uglier color than my desk.

Since hubby bought me four cans of Grape Rustoleum, I have a two cans left after saving some for a final coat on my desk.  Should I do this little file cabinet behind my desk too?

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