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This is a review of another one of my favorite sites for teachers, but this one is also good for coaches or advisers: Remind

This use to be knows as Remind101, but it recently changed its name.

I first stumbled upon this several years ago.  I set up my classes and there it sat until this fall.  It was then I realized that Facebook was not sufficient as a notification source for my National Honors Society students.  Some of them weren't on Facebook and other didn't check it enough to see notices.

I must say that I hate printing meeting posters and hanging them all over the school.  It is a waste of time and resources in this day and age. Remind solved this.

Here you can see my classes on the left.  You can navigate by simply clicking on the group you want to message.
I simply created a class called NHS and printed out instructions for the students.

My students then use the above code to send a text message or email to sign up.  I now can send a message to all the students without them having to give me their phone number.  In addition this site has the student send his or her name in a reply message back, so I can see who has signed up and who hasn't.

My NHS students like this so much that I instituted it with my middle school track team.  In addition I will be using it with all of my classes in the fall as well as distributing the information to parents, so they too can receive messages.

This is an unsolicited, unpaid review.  I received no compensation for this posting.

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