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What are we doing today?

A phrase heard over and over in the average classroom, but I have a solution to this problem for you.

I am fortunate enough to have four different whiteboards in my classroom.  Well, they aren't really whiteboards, but they are more bathroom paneling screwed to the walls, but they work great (I do wish they were magnetic though).

I use one of these boards as an agenda for my students.  Last year I had to add another one to the back board because I added another prep at semester, and I taught 6 of 6 periods, but that is another post for another day.

I simply took the dimensions of the board and gave each class 18" in width of the board, which left me some room for the days of the week. I used black electrical tape to block it off as straight as I could (the imperfect lines do bother my OCD, but not enough to redo it).  No, the boxes are all exactly the same size, but I ran out of narrow electrical tape and had to switch to something wider.

I then once a week write the list of items on my lesson plan up there for students.  In all honestly, sometimes I forget to update it (especially last year with no prep second semester) and sometimes I have my teacher's assistant do it. 

I have to give a great shout-out to our maintenance staff for helping with this board last year.  It was really low, and I have student desks up against it, so frequently my dear students would lean up against and thereby erasing Friday.  I got the idea to move it one Wednesday and sent an email to our head of maintenance.  He said he would check into in, but it might have to wait until Christmas Break.  That was fine with me.  I came in the next day and they had moved it up two feet....THANK YOU!  In addition, this summer, they filled the holes in the wall where it used to hang.  Did I mention our maintenance staff is AMAZING!

Here is the one on my back board for my additional class.  It is a strip on the right of the picture.  Next year this one will be for my Civics/Economics class.

Would I love to redo these boards, so they are perfect, yes, but it isn't a priority on this Classroom Transformation.

I am going to make new labels for my boards with both class names and days of the week.  I found this great label printable on TeachersPayTeachers to use.  The best part?  It is FREE and had all sizes....might need a new color ink cartridge.

Polka Dot Labels on TPT

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