Classroom Transformation Part IV

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This post is the fourth part in my series on my classroom transformation for this fall.
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Here is my latest loot for my classroom: two frames, which I have no purpose for yet, three lime bins for my desk, new hall passes courtesy of Target's Dollar spot, a roll of contact paper (my new obsession), and a roll of whiteboard paper.

I am also linking it up with Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera for her Saturday Snapshots Linky.

I am the high school technology representative for our district, and I run PowerSchool for the whole district in addition to teaching full time.  This means some cool privileges, but it also means some surprises.  When I arrived in my room this week, I was greeted by this:

Apparently, my room became the new drop for all building technology that is pulled from classrooms during cleaning.  I was trying to set my room up, so I guess I will be working around this stuff.

I finished painting my desk the last time I was in, so now I had to deal with the rest of the desk.  I didn't want to paint the drawers because of the handles, and really, I am over painting.  Enter my new favorite decorating medium: contact paper.  I got a massive roll at Target for less than $6.

I covered all the drawer fronts with this paper, and it turned out AMAZING!

Here is a view of my corner area in my room.  I think I need to cover the inside of the desk...thoughts?  That interior side can be seen from people in my room.  I don't care about the back though since I am the only one that sees that.

My next dilemma is this empty space behind the corner where my desk meets my table.  I am probably going to move the little table and put a full size student table there since I have a class of 30 next year.  I will gladly take suggestions on how to handle that area of my desk since when the student table in up against my desk, I will have a void.

Here is the void from the other side of my desk.

I posted on this shelf yesterday, and I am still contemplating solutions and final placement.
I rearranged and added some purple.  More to come on this.

Here is the best part of my day spent in my classroom:

The before of my small file cabinet that sits behind my desk.

After two coats of spray paint to match my desk:

The final beauty with matching contact paper on the drawers.  My inspiration on this came from Smack Dab in the Middle School.  I am so sorry it is so blurry; one picture is fine and the next isn't.

Here is my large file cabinet, which will be getting contact paper.  It is pretty wedged in this corner, so I will cover the front and top with matching contact paper.  The right side will get black paper for a graffiti wall. 

Please leave your thoughts on my desk-void area because I need help with that.

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