Classroom Transformation: Part V

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I was working in my classroom some more.

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I started with my student agenda, which I have written about several times.

Here is what it looked like when I started:

The first thing I had to do was clean it off, and I learned not to let whiteboard marker set over the summer and bake in the sun because it was not easy to clean off, especially when your whiteboard cleaner ran out in April.

I pulled the top horizontal tape piece off.  Apparently, when my teacher's aid put it up several years ago, she didn't pull the masking tape off, which had deteriorated.  It looks much better now.

I talked about these signs on my Made It Monday.

 I got the labels all hung up on both boards.  I think they look pretty nice; much better than my handwriting.

I also got the fabric hung on my bulletin boards.  It isn't finished, but I wanted it hung, so the wrinkles would work themselves out before I put the borders up.

The black here is actually Swiss dot, and I have a ton left over, so I am debating what to make with it.  The top contender is a curtain for the window in my door.

I also finished my paper hanging project for the post in my large wall.  I painted the clothespins a few weeks ago.  I took a long piece of ribbon and glued the clothes pins to it.  I used a notebook to space out the clips so that I could hang student papers on it.

You can't nail or pushpin into this post.  I have not idea what is behind the paint.  I used a Command Hook on the wall and a binder clip on the top of the ribbon and hung it on the clip.

I also used some double sided tape to hold the bottom of the ribbon to the wall.  I may have to add some in the middle.  We will see how it goes.

Here is the whole finished project.

This photo is one of the next things on my list: the shelf behind my desk.  I would love to downsize to only the teacher books I use.  I think I should digitize my binders so that I can have them in my Google Drive.

Has anyone done away with binders?  
How did you do it?

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