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Do you have a bunch of pins of quippy or inspirational sayings?

Well, if you don't, you should because I have a plan for how to use them.  If you do have a set of these, have no fear.

I get so tired of one picture on my computer's desktop, and my students probably get tired of pictures of my girls.  My solution was to use my Pinterest board and do something with all those fabulous sayings I found.

My process for Windows 8

1) Find the pin on Pinterest and click on it.

2) Right click save image.  Save them all to one folder (I created one on my desktop) in order to save yourself the trouble in hunting them down.

3) Repeat until you  have a folder full of fun and/or inspirational images.

4) Close everything out and go to your desktop.  Right click on your desktop. Select Personalize.

5) On the bottom right select desktop background.

6) Change the folder to the one you created on your desktop with your images in it.

7) Hit select all

8) At the bottom use these settings: Picture Position (Fit); Change Picture Every (I like 30 seconds); Shuffle to mix up the order.

9) Save changes.

10) you have a revolving desktop to show off the fun sayings and images you have!

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