Sunday Scoop 4/26

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Forty calendar days left until summer vacation.  Today is a glorious day for Sunday Scoop link-up.


1) It is that time of year to schedule for next year.  As I run PowerSchool for the district, I have a hand in the scheduling and getting things set up for next year.  We have all the student requests in, and the number of sections have been determined.  Now to set it all up in the system.

2) Seniors are working on portfolios and juniors are reading Huckleberry Finn.  Lessons plans have to be done for the non-reading days and my civics classes.  I would love to go in to the school too in order to gt things done.

3) After two track meets this week, there is a lot of laundry to wash.  However, we can't run the washer and shower at the same time...LOL, so first thing first.


1) The goal for the month has been two content-based (not fun linky) posts every week.  I would like to draft the two for this week before tomorrow when school gets crazy again.  In the mean time check out my product exchange from this week.

2) Our bathroom cabinets need a serious cleaning out.  Hair ties, bobby pins, and bath products are taking over my bathroom.  I need a trash bag and some time to pull everything out and trash as much as I possibly can without the girls finding out.

1) Today is the free day at the museums in Grand Rapids, so the girls, my parents, and nephews are headed over there to check it out.  I will take lots of pictures, so be sure to follow me on Instagram to see what fun we have today.

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