Mid-Month Confessions April

10:37 PM Sarah Koves 1 Comments

I'm linking up my Mid-Month Confessions today.  Time to make myself feel better about my short comings.

1) I let Shmurtz spend way too much time playing Minecraft and watching Youtube videos
Some days after school it is just easier to let her play on the computer than anything else because I am so tired.  I keep seeing articles about how Minecraft is good, right?

2) I am not great at handling rumors about msyelf at work.
This happened recently, and it bothered me more than it should have.

3) What other people thinks matters more than it should.
See #2.  Why does it make me feel that way?

4) I have some really great friends, but sometimes we get too gossipy and need to "stay in our lane"

5) Sometimes I just make chicken fries for dinner and no vegetable
I do cook most nights, and my hubby is a chef.  However, I am guilty of serving the girls an unhealthy dinner from time to time....or once a week.

6) I am a in a teaching rut...silent reading days and note taking in or form or another
I hope now that spring break is over I can get moving again in my room: literally and figuratively.

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