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I stayed up as a late as I could last night waiting for Farley to post this month's template, but I finally gave in and went to bed.

I just got home from the last day of school, and I am officially on spring break.  We aren't going anywhere warm this year, but it has been in the 50s the last few days.

Hubby, the chef, was off today, and the girls ordered burgers for dinner.  He would have grilled, but it was raining hard (made track practice fun), so we had them on the stove.  While he was cooking, he was blaring Bruno Mars.  Now he has an infomercial on.

I LOVE that I am on spring break.  We are hopefully headed to Chicago for a few days to hang out, eat, and take the girls to see some stuff.  Other than that I plan to blog and work on products for my TPT Store.

There is a long list of items to accomplish over the next week.  After looking at the weekly schedule I put on the fridge, I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  Here is to hoping the girls pitch in on their rooms.

Hiring a housekeeper would certainly help cut that list down for break.  I would love to have someone come in once a week to clean my bathroom and such.  Also, I love the beach, but it isn't warm enough here in Michigan to go hang out in the sand...yet.  Those of you down south...I am envious.

My need is to stay away from school stuff.  I am sure I will do some, but the bag of papers to grade and lessons to plan can wait at least until next Friday.  I work too much, and we need to have some down time with nothing to do.

Sarah means princess in Hebrew, and I use that whenever I think it will benefit me :)

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