Monday Made It: April 2015

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I am linking up for Monday Made It.  As you read this I will be working my way through a full day of PD planned by our district improvement team, which I am part of.  Yes, back to school is in full swing.

This one is for my students and is one of their favorites.  It all starts with a pile of junk mail envelopes and a pair of scissors.  Sometimes I use my fancy scrapbooking scissors.

I cut the lower corners off every envelope...bookmarks.  They fit over the corner of the book; kids can draw on them and decorate them.

Just a simple thing that can be done with the piles of mail we all receive.  I hand one out to each student when we start a new class novel.  They really love them.

The weather is turning warm, but I got my knitting stuff out anyways.  My SLANT partner from March and December, Sarah from Tales of Teaching with Tech, inspired me to work on a small project when she sent me a navy knitted cowel.

It only took me a couple of hours to make, and I taught myself to purl and properly cast off (I had some strange version I did before) using online videos too.

Look at that fancy rectangle!

Confession: it has a small hole where a stitch got dropped.

Not too shabby for a first try.  I will be making more.

This is a re-purpose of a Jenga Game that my girls had but never played.  I was cleaning out closets, found it, and had a brilliant review idea.  My first thought was to write questions on each side of every block, but then I could only use it for fiction or whatever topic I chose to use.

I dug out my sharpies and paint pen to decide what color to use.

Then a better idea came to me: write numbers on each block.  Then I could use any review list of questions for any subject or test along with the game.  I used my silver paint pen.

Now I have a review game for test review stations!

Have you ever re-purposed any games?

Lastly, the girls, mom, and I MADE IT to Chicago yesterday.  We are gearing up for fun in the city today.

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