Sunday Scoop 4/12 and Follower Party

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As my spring break comes to a close, I am putting up my Sunday Scoop in hopes of dragging vacation out a little longer.  I will then be counting down to June 5th-- eight weeks baby!


1) I have not touched my school bag over break...unless you count putting a pack of new pens in it for school.  That means I need to double check my lesson plans for Monday; thankfully I did those before break started.  I will be at a dead run starting tomorrow to get stuff done.  However, other than lessons, I am not doing any work until break is over tomorrow.

2) Our first track meet is Tuesday, and my middle school runners will want to know their events tomorrow, so I need to get our entries done for Tuesday.  I have lists of times from before break and their requests, so it shouldn't take too long.  We have uniforms to hand out at practice tomorrow too.

3) This won't take long, but with all the in-and-out of the kids and the cats with the nice weather I need to vacuum the carpets...again.  Hey, at least laundry isn't on my list this week.


1) Spring always means sand and dirt in the car.  I am hoping to get the donations in the back organized for drop off this week and go around the corner to vacuum it out at the car wash.  I should make Shmurtz take a bag and pick up her trash in the back seat.

2) My Social Studies Bell Work post from last summer is still one of my most visited posts.  I recently discovered that the book I use is no longer available for purchase by individual teachers, so I am going working on my own Daily Geography Questions.  The first week, a forever freebie, was finished last night.  I want to get the first month set done today.  Please grab it and leave me some love!


1) My nephews and their mom are coming over this afternoon for a cook out.  I am grilling chicken and making a garden pasta salad.  It should be yummy and fun especially since the weather is going to be nice out.  I think I will make a cheesecake too.

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