Five for Friday 4/3

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What better way to kick off spring break then by joining Doodlebugs Teaching for Five for Friday.  Here are five great things from my classroom and online reading this week.

I stumbled across this Common Core ELA Linky  and am super excited not only to be a part of it, but also because I am finding all kinds of great items to add to my classroom for these last few weeks of school when my students and I need high-interest activities.

Did you swing by and find something amazing for the end of the year?

I also found a social studies linky party with some great ideas as well.  I don't think those of us that teach social studies have enough collaborative opportunities.

What did you check out or add?

I am so close to 100 followers on TPT and Facebook.  I have surpassed that on Instagram already.  Please go and follow me there because I am planning a big party and giveaway when i get there.

I am loving every part of this blogging journey I began last summer.

If you would like to contribute to the giveaway fill out this form.  Thank you in advance.

This week my seniors finished their character analysis in our Arthurian Legend Unit.  One of the last things they did before spring break was complete character posters.   They drew a character, location, or item from Arthurian Legend and created an informational presentation on it for the class.

I normally have the students present them orally, but my students wanted to do a gallery walk to take notes.  I agreed to this suggestion, and my class has never been so quiet.  They are currently on the front table of my room waiting to be hung on the wall over spring break....yes, I will probably go in and work for one day.

I just finished posting this project on TPT, so be sure to grab it.

What fun posters do you have students create?

Laura Randazzo posted this on Instagram awhile back, but I just found it this week.   I hadn't every thought about having students annotate in their books and turning it in.

Then I reead this post of AP Lit Help too, which has a great rubric.

As a result, I gave it a try with a text we were working on during this last week before spring break: Morte d'Arthur.  I have bins right on my tables that hold sticky notes for students to use.  I think they enjoy using them as much as teachers do.

Overall, they did a nice job annotating the text.  It wasn't a terribly hard text for them, and they had a fair amount of background knowledge as we have been working on Arthur texts for a month now.

I haven't collected their texts yet because I wanted them to have the text to do a response based on their annotations.

Do you have any great advise or activities for annotating texts?

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