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Linking up again with  Doodlebugs Teaching for Five for Friday.  I have started drafting this post on Saturday morning and adding cool things I come across them over the week.

The first item this week is an article that I came across while surfing the Teachers Pay Teacher's seller board.  The title alone peaked my interest.  I was unable to find any methodology on the images in the article, but at the very least it made me think about what I do in my civic's classes.

The images below are from this article and make a good teaser to the content.

I do wonder if students understand what lecture really is because I see storytelling and discussion as different from lecturing.

What do you think?

This week I had the opportunity to film a teacher tech tip with The Nerdy Teacher for PD Without Borders.  They have a Youtube Channel: PD without borders videos  where they post short tech videos for teachers.  My video was on using Google Drive and Google Classroom to peer edit.  I am told it will go live next week, so be sure stay tuned.  In the mean time check out my other Google Classroom posts.  Some new features have been rolled out, so I will be posting on those soon.

Go check out their site and channel!

Have you ever heard of the Bammy Awards?  Neither had I until this week.  It looks like a neat idea, and I am now a voting member.

Cast your votes today!

I have always felt personally, without researching or knowing much, that there is a huge gender gap in education.  It is NOT the gender gap explained to me in my teacher preparation program where my professor tried to tell my class that girls act dumb for boys and don't achieve.  I stood up, argued with her, and made a point of asking my classmates how many of them were honor students in high school (or in advanced classes)- most raised their hands.  Then I asked my classmates how many had more girls than boys in that class...most of them.  My professor had no response to that. 

Yesterday at district school improvement we began talking about this gap.  The state and federal government is always wanting school to address gaps among groups,but I have yet to see any questions addressing the learning gap in education between the genders.  In our school most of our summer school, intervention, and credit recovery students are boys.

Here is the article that sparked the conversation:

Do you see a gender gap in your school?  Are you doing anything to address this?

My school is in a contest to win $5000.  I would appreciate it if you could go to the site for my school and vote.

Our local bank is hosting this contest.


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