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I have to say that I have not spent much time on Pinterest this past month because of my busy schedule, but I do have a few fun finds from the last month.

I figure it is never two early to begin planning for the first weeks of next year.  That is why this pin was so intriguing to me.  I love that everything is all on one paper.  I did examples and non-examples with my students this past fall, but I love how deep this one goes into description and what it means.

Being as I lead my students two three expectations: Respectful, Honest, and Prepared, this anchor chart will be perfect for summarizing their thoughts on day two (I never start with this stuff-BORING).

This pin proves a point that I try and tell my students all the time: most stories are the same basic plots with different characters and details.  How interesting would this be as a model for reading groups?  or even just a discussion?

I just started reading an Amazon free book that seems to be The Taming of the Shrew set in Lancaster County, Pensilvania with a pair of Amish sisters.

Sadly the blog this pin links to does not appear to talk about this item or even have the picture as far as I could tell, so if anyone knows to whom it belongs, please share.

It seems to be a photo album that has vocabulary cards in it.  These cards seem to have the word, illustration, and meaning on them.  The great thing about this way of storing vocabulary cards is that they can easily be removed or reorganized.

I'm not certain I will use this, but I am certain I will keep thinking about how to use it.

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