What I Want for My Birthday TOP 5

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My birthday is now one week away!  I am now beyond the age where parties are necessary; I actually prefer to sit at home and do my own thing.  Just ask my hubby, who always gets asked to take the girls out as a gift to me.

However, if you want to get me a present, and who doesn't love presents, I have some major wish-list items I have been eyeing for some time.

These are the ballet flats that so many teachers swear by.  I am a huge Dansko fan, but these appeal to me because they are less industrial and more feminine.  I would really take them in any color, but the royal blue speaks to me.

I saw this lovely over on Teaching Sam and Scout.  I new immediately that it was a must have for spring.  Once again, any bright color will do.

I really am becoming unhappy with my phone's camera.  I have dowloaded two secondary apps, which have helped, but I really wan a designated camera.  Photography is something I want to learn.

I have a massive Amazon Book Wishlist.  I am starting to prefer that my books be digital because I really am running out of places to store books in our house.  Just a few titles.

We sleep with a lot of pillows.  There are in excess of eight pillows on our bed on any given day.  This DOES NOT include decorative pillows, which I personally find annoying.  The problem is that we never have enough clean pillow cases to cover all of them.  I often have to pull the kiddy pillow cases out.  What man doesn't love Care Bare and Rainbow Bright pillow cases on his bed?  Also, some of these, as the cartoons on them suggest, are fairly ages and are not as fresh as they once were.  These one are organic.

5) A trip somewhere warm

I am really not picky at all, but I am longing for a beach and a boat drink.

I received no compensation for these product reviews; I just LOVE them.

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