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The SLANT Box Exchange

Last summer I discovered this fun little online thing called SLANT Box.  Jameson does an amazing job every month of matching up teachers across the country, so they can get to know each other and send a box of goodies.

My first partner was:

Mrs. D's Corner

She sent me some amazing goodies including a pair of earnings from her online jewelry store.  I can honestly say I use every item: the pens are all in the bag, which lives in my school bag now.  The hand sanitizer hangs on my lunch bag.  I use the notebook for TPT ideas.

I read the book...AMAZING!  I then wrote inside the cover and passed it on to a future SLANT partner.

I got to send to:

She is a librarian and has amazing book recommendations.

The next ROUND I got a box from another country.

Learning to be Awesome

Sent me some fun goodies from below the equator.  Now I have a friend to visit in New Zealand.

Many of my students got to try out the yummy snacks.  The marker set is a favorite of my Teacher's Aid for correcting papers.  I also LOVED the task card set she made for me.

December and the 12 Days of Teaching theme was a blast!  I got to know another Sarah from

Tales of Teaching with Tech

I think this box might have been the best Christmas gift this past year.  I haven't had a chance to open the jam...yet

I also got to know:
A LoveLi Class

and send her 12 days of teaching: 

In February I was paired with Ashley Bowers from

The box she sent me was filled with all the things that I LOVE!

I think she liked her box too.

For March I was paired again with Sarah from

Tales of Teaching with Tech

AGAIN!  We were both so excited that we decided to throw a giveaway. Be sure that you visit her blog for my post.  Don't forget to enter below.

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