Sunday Scoop 3/8

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Here is to the first Sunday Scoop of SPRING.  It is sunny and the warmest it has been here since right after Christmas break.  Here is to hoping we can use the grill this week...chicken and burgers baby. 

1) I actually sitting here in front of Mount Laundry.  I have more to wash, so I was kind of waiting until it was all clean to fold.  Then I can hunker down with a movie: 12 Years a Slave or The Queen?  Leave your vote in the comments.

2) Muffins are a big hit in my house, and I pulled some shredded zucchini from the freezer yesterday.  I don't have a recipe yes, but I am going to make muffins.

3) Every year I have my honors and AP English classes doing poetry online.  I am a little ashamed of how far behind I am on looking at their responses.  My goal is to get two weeks worth done today.

1) I have two guest posts/products review posts that I am going to do.  I also have my birthday wish list to post, and I finished Teach Like a Pirate, so I wanted to get that up post started too.  Whew...that is a lot of work, but I really enjoy writing and sharing.

2) As I said, I finished one teaching book and need to start another one as my students have reading days this week, and I love to read with them.  Brain Rules is next on my list.

1) Shmurtz needs to read some more, so I think her and I are going to start the Little House on the Prairie books together.  They are my FAVORITE, and I haven't read them in awhile.  Potumus got a sewing machine for Christmas and it is still in the box. so we are busting it out today.  She is going to make something.  Suggestions for beginner sewing projects?

Be sure to go and enter the last day of Miss Johnston's 25th Birthday Bash where you could win my desk labels or one of any other great products.

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