Sunday Scoop 3/29 and Giveaway

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Another week in the books, and time for another Sunday Scoop.  Four more mornings until spring break starts for me.  I hope to get some serious work done on products and posts over vacation, but until the I will survive.


1) Our 3rd quarter ended last Friday and grades are due Wednesday.  This means I have a massive amount to get into the grade book.  I need to go to the school and grade a couple of stacks of projects too.

2) I have a couple of things to add to Sarah's SLANT box before it can go out tomorrow, so I really want to get that finished.  I have been so blessed to be paired with her again.  Be sure to enter our giveaway below.

3) Our water heater went out last week...well, half out.  We now have the issue identified and replaced one element.  Once the new thermostat is in, we will have a full tank up and running.  You don't realize how much hot water you use until your supply is gone or very limited.


1) My students are in the midst of their unit on Mark Twain, and I have a couple of great posts drafted to go showcase what we are working on.  I hope to be able to find time this week to get them finished.

2) Here I sit watching The Steve Jobs movie with four baskets of laundry in front of the television...I probably should get it folded.  I seem to always have a basket of clean stuff, which is always better than dirty, but still.  Will I ever win this battle?


1) While I am married to a chef, I still enjoy cooking.  I haven't actually made a nice meal for the family in I don't know how long.  I didn't cook Saturday, Friday was frozen pizza, and Thursday was Jimmy Johns.  Time to fire up the grill in this 31 degree weather!

My March SLANT partner, Sarah from Tales of Teaching with Tech, and I are holding a giveaway in honor of being second time matches.

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