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Thanks Farley for the great linky and template!  Check out the other currently posts.

Listening: The Notebook is on ABC Family tonight.  Potumus has never seen it...CRAZY, so my sister-in-law and I decided she MUST watch it tonight.  I adore this movie, and love that my daughter is yelling at the TV.  Even hubby loves this movie.

Loving:  I am beyond the age when celebrating birthdays is a big deal, but I decided this year I should celebrate ALL MONTH LONG.  Any ideas on what I should do?

Thinking:  I took Friday off for appointments, so I haven't done anything school related since Thursday afternoon.  We are celebrating Read Across America tomorrow, so there isn't much to plan since we will be reading in most classes.  I think I should do some school work, but with ACT State Testing on Tuesday and Wednesday, I really don't see much point.  I will continue to knit and watch TV.

Wanting: Thanks to my latest Donors Choose project, I have a huge stack of professional books to read.  I was able to get a professional development project thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which included a stack of books that I have wanted to read.  I then read AJ Juliani's post about reading 40 Books a Year, and I am all in.  The only problem is finding thirty minutes to sit quietly.  How do you do it?

Needing:  I have a job as a mom, one as a teacher, and one selling through my Teachers Pay Teachers store, but another job would help with all the things we having coming up. are expensive, and we have one entering college in the fall and one entering high school.  However, teachers should NOT have to work multiple jobs cover the costs of a family.

Spring Break: My hubby works for the local college, and his spring break was last week.  The girls and I have ours the first week of April-it is still so far away.  This means we don't get spring breaks together.  The girls and I usually go with my parents; last year we went to Charleston, SC, which was lovely.  However, since we did Disney in August, we are staying close to home.  A trip to Chicago to see the sights with Mom is in the works.  Our big event there will be the Midievil Times show. 

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