Warm Fuzzies

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My students are always asking what they get for doing me a favor.  I tell them that it is a warm fuzzy place in my heart...or brownie points.  Then I usually go a little further and explain the significance of these things.  I tell my students that at some point they will need a favor (a letter of recommendation or some help with a paper in college), and that those warm fuzzies and brownie points add to their coffer for when they need something from me.

This may seem like a lot to go through to get help passing out papers or bringing boxes in from my car, but I don't think that a lot of my students ever get this explained to them.

The same thing is sometimes explained to students who are starting to become habitual behavior problems.  I really don't think anyone ever explains to most of my students that there isn't really any fresh start or reset...your behavior does follow you, and you develop a reputation.

When I saw this picture on Pinterest from A love 4 teaching I wanted to do something like this with my high school students.  I think I need real warm fuzzies.  I am not sure how I will use this in my classroom, but I may try it. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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