Monday Made It 8/25

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I am linking up a gain for Monday Made It.  As you read this I will be working my way through a full day of PD planned by our district improvement team, which I am part of.  Yes, back to school is in full swing.

I know this is a re-made it from last week, but I am so super excited about my first connection with a company for a giveaway.

One day left to enter:

I posted about the way I do vocabulary in AP Psychology.  Read the post HERE.  After writing that post, I decided to make my plastic vocab container a little cuter.

This is what it looked like when I started.

I sprayed the top with the rustoleum that matches my desk.

I measured and cut the contact paper.  I then lined it up on the bottom and rolled it onto the container.

I then used my trusty exacto knife to trim the top.

Pretty awesome!

It looks so fabulous on my desk with all the awesome other desk items I got to match my color scheme.

I made some table numbers for my classroom.  I am excited to see how long they last and how much I use them.

You can pick up your own set at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

I also printed some cute labels for my classroom.  I got these frames for free HERE.

I laminated them today when I went into school.  Twitch wanted to help me cut them out.

I am taking them with me tomorrow to hopefully get them on tables and bins.

I made a big mess in my classroom yesterday.  I believe in the "It must get worse before it gets better" philosophy.  I gutted my closet and book shelves.  This was what it looked like about halfway through.

I actually had a fair amount a room to spare when I was done.

I found this whole pile of PD binders and notebooks.  I be there are some really great ideas in here.  I have set these aside to go through at my I'll have any of that until Thanksgiving.

I have a few projects to finish on my list.
I have no idea what they clean our white boards with over the summer, but they never erase right the first time I use them.  Once I clean them with real white board cleaner, they are fine.

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