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I have a huge to-do list for today, so I am hoping you all can assist in the motivation.


1) My mother is driving to my brother's apartment to get the rest of his stuff before he leaves to teach English in China.  The girls and I are going to meet her to pick up some stuff of mine that she has.  It will be a nice visit for us even if it is short because she has to drive 3 hours home.

2) My 14-year-old needs to clean her dresser and closet out, so we will be sorting clothes and making a list of what she will need for school in the fall.  This is a preliminary step to rearranging her room.

3) Our mower broke about a month ago and my dad was able to fix it.   Mom is bringing it down to me, so I will have to get some of the grass mowed today.  The 14-year-old and I will share the task.  I'll do part and she can do part.  Normally she does it all, but it is long and I want it done today.  Plus today is her last day off for a week because of color guard camp.


1) I have a giveaway going on right now and need to get some promotion done.  I am also sharing a bunch of great reading material on Twitter and Facebook this weekend as I work through my massive lists of save articles on Facebook.  Check out the post on my giveaway HERE.

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2) There are about five big blog posts in the works.  I would love to get them all done and scheduled, but I don't know if that will happen.  Maybe I can get one or two.  I feel like I have more draft ideas than time.


1) I am in between books, so I need to pick a new teacher book and a new fun book.  Perhaps I should look on the shelves of unread book in the basement...LOL.  Another goal of mine is to clean those off into tubs for my classroom library, which my secondary classroom has never had...eeekk...yes.  I was afraid to take my books to school.  I will be cataloging them before I put them out.

What are you currently reading?

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