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A huge thanks to Farley for doing this every month!

Listening: Our youngest LOVES Minecraft, and we struggle as parents to limit her screen time.  Yesterday I found some Playdough she got for Easter (still unopened) and brought it to the table.  She has been over there banging, cutting, and rolling now for almost an hour.  Proud Mama Moment.

Loving;  I always feel guilty reading books for pleasure during the school year when I am NEVER caught up on student papers.  Now that summer is here, I am devouring books.  I think I am on my fourth one in the last week.  Be sure to check out what I am reading Here.

Thinking:  The girls and I are spending the holiday weekend with my parents (hubby has to work) in Northern Michigan.  I am still in my pjs, so I am thinking about packing our bags for the trip, but I have yet to actually start.  Well, does having the bags out count?

Wanting:  We bought a pool last year, and sand isn't my favorite thing, but I have been dreaming of the beach for the last week.  Maybe we can make a trip while we are up North...of course it is always crazy on the holiday weekend.  Just some sand and a book would be fun.

Needing:  The summer slide has caught me, and I have several to-do lists on random pieces of paper. I haven't opened my planner in two weeks!  I think I need to update my calendar and lists before Monday.  I want a productive month of July since the girls are in a ton of activities, and I will be home most of the month.  How do you avoid falling into the unproductiveness of summer vacation?

All Star:  The above item aside, I am a very organized person.  In fact I probably should have taught math given the way I like lists, linear plans, and neatness.  I have been known to alphabetize my books on the shelf.  Maybe this is why my needing item is bothering me so much.  If we have a project (at home or work) I will layout a backwards plan with calendar reminders and steps to get it done...unless of course I am on summer vacation...LOL

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