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Stopping the Summer Slide

My belief about summer is that is should be a time for rest, recharging, and relaxation; however, if we don't do anything cerebral for 90 days, I also believe our brains will get "mushy." SO LET'S DO SOMETHING!

My top 5 ways to stop the summer slide

1) Read Something Every Day
2) Visit New Places
3) Have Conversations with your Kids
4) Solve Real-Life Issues
5) Play learning Games

Number 1 is pretty self explanatory, and I can't help you much with #2 unless you live in Michigan.  I can, however, do something about 3, 4, and 5.

A Summer Slide Product

My budget unit is a great product for students in the upper grades and middle school to work on over the summer.  This unit takes students through pricing items for living on their own such as groceries, furniture, and a car.  This is my best selling unit and can be used for the younger grade levels too with parental support.

The Teacher Team did a great review of this product this past February.  Check out their review

Any summer project that is fun and creates conversations with parents about real-life issues is a winner in my book.  I hope that you will check it out yourself:  the preview.

Stopping the Summer Slide Freebie

I just created a new game for my girls (ages 7 and 14) to play this summer.  You will need to find or print a US Map.  I used a map that was in my school stuff.  Click the image below to get my limited-time freebie.

This US Map Game has a cute set of cards to print and cut out (this is good practice for the little one).  The cards cover thirty-two (32) major physical and political features of our country.  Directions are also included.

The girls will be playing this game later today, and I will be sure to share some pictures when they are on the floor with everything spread out.

Download my limited-time freebie, leave some feedback, and email me your Teachers Pay Teachers name at to be entered to win a copy of my Budget Unit.

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