Sunday Scoop 7/12

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Today will be my first Sunday Scoop link-up of summer, and summer is half over...WHAT!


1) I honestly can't remember the last time I did this, and we have two cats...I realized how long it had been when I looked at the vacuum yesterday and saw the attachment.  That is a quick and easy job that is now on my monthly cleaning calendar.

2) Two days ago a drawer in the bathroom broke, so I had to take everything out and pile it in the corner to fix the drawer, which is now dry.  I am also part way through stripping the caulk off the tub, so hubby can put new on next week (Can you say gross job?), and I want to give the cupboard a fresh coat of white paint.

What hope projects are you working on?

3) You know that I do the scheduling for our district in Power School.  Today I need to update a couple of changes to the high school schedule due to some staffing shifts.  This won't take long, but I do need to sit down and do it.


1) I have a big product line I am working on for psychology.  I want to get that finalized and listed.  In addition I was accepted into the Oriental Trading Company Blogger Program, so I have a box of project stuff for a series of psychology hands-on projects that I want to get started on.

Can I have some feedback on the cover design?

2) I have a lovely Erin Cronden planner that I got a great deal on, but I have been really bad about using it this summer, so I am going to sit down with it today for an hour and update next week with everything I want to get done.


1) Last spring I got a copy of The Daily 5, and I want to incorporate it into my high school classroom.  Stamina is such as issue for us too.  I want to sit on the deck and read the next chapter.  I can't wait to share with all of you my plans.

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