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So much time to Pinterest on vacation, so many pins to choose from.

I decided to go holiday themed for the Fourth of July.

First we did some decorating for the holiday weekend.

This was super easy.  All you need is a sieve, flour, and cardboard.

Cut a big star or two out of your cardboard. I could have used an old box, but I had just dropped our recycling off at the transfer station.  Lay your stencil out on the grass where you want it.  Sprinkle some flour into the sieve and shake.

Beware of doing this on windy days as the flour will blow around and leave white streaks.  Also lift your stencil up as flat as possible to avoid a Pintrest Fail like the bottom right photo.

Overall the walkway with stars on both sides looked fabulous.

We didn't find this on Pinterest, but I think it is Pinspiration worthy.  My 7-year-old Shmurtz made these for our company from England last night.

Berries, whipped topping, and pound cake cut with our star cookie cutter all layered in a pretty parfait glass. They were tasty Pin-r-ific!

The last Pinspiration hasn't been finished yet.  Here is the inspiration pin, but you will have to wait for my spin on it until next week.

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