Sunday Scoop 10/5

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Where did the weekend go?  It has been dreary here in Michigan, so I didn't get much outside time.

1) I am super excited about my new weekly Monday Menu posts.  Check out my new series with my weekly menu plan.  I would love some feedback.
2) I left my desk in a mess on Friday, so I will need to drive the three blocks to school and spend an hour or two this afternoon cleaning and prepping.
3) I just got scolded for not having any clean work pants for dear hubby to wear to work; even though he did the laundry yesterday.

1) I have a social studies binder project I am working on: trying to get rid of the 6 tubs of binders in my shed from my middle school social studies job over five years ago.  I hope to get two more cleaned today.
2) I have two books Gone Girl and This is Where I Leave You that I want to read, but I haven't gotten far in either.

1) Both my girls are home all day today, so we will hang out. Maybe bake something.  Our cat Shadow disappeared on Thursday night during a storm and returned yesterday, so he and Twitch are getting extra loving today on the sofa.

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