Sunday Scoop 10/12

9:20 AM Sarah Koves 5 Comments

Where did the weekend go? 

1) I went shopping yesterday and got home really late, so everything got dumped into the house.  Of course that was great last night, but now I have to get t all put away.  Not to mention two Amazon packages came.
2) Shmurtz stayed with my mom last night who was watching my nephews, so I will be picking her up this afternoon and bringing her home.  Not a long drive; just an adventure out.
3) I am starting to think that laundry is on this post every week...I guess it is a battle I will never win.

1) I have a social studies binder project I am working on: trying to get rid of the 6 tubs of binders in my shed from my middle school social studies job over five years ago.  I hope to get two more cleaned today...again this week.
2) I have been planning a blog post on the journals that I do with my juniors as well as a freebie product to go with it, but I need to sit down and finish it...maybe today is the day.  I haven't posted about school stuff in a long while.

1) Part of my shopping extravaganza was to get new curtains for the bedroom.  Hubby is excited because they are light blocking.  Of course this means I have to hang them, which isn't a major issue, but it will force me to switch out the air conditioner in the window for a fan.

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