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I'm getting Menu Monday out a little late AGAIN this week.  My excuses aren't near as good this week as last.  I have to try and be better about posting...especially my series.
I am loving the the Working Moms series over on Teaching Sam and Scout, so let this be my contribution to the working moms this week.  We have to help each other out, right?

My husband is a chef, so I often steal and borrow from his skills to enhance my cooking, so it should be good stuff.  Pick up a new dinner idea!

Sunday: I actually was checking my Time Hop app on Sunday morning and saw that last year on Sunday I was making corn chowder and bread, so I figured I should continue the tradition.  I made some roll dough in the bread maker (I don't ever bake it right in the bread maker, but I always mix my roll, bread, and pizza dough up in it), which I can set and forget.  Hubby was a dear and rolled them out while I went into school for few hours.

The corn chowder is all mine.  I used a box of vegetable stock, pepper, parsley, and garlic.  I chopped an onion, three potatoes, five mini peppers (I love the bags from the store), and some stray mini carrots leftover from lunches.  I added two cans of corn, but you can use frozen.  I let that go most of the day.
I added to that about a 1/4 cup of corn starch mixed with milk and some chunk cheese i had leftover too.  That cooked down on high for another hour until it was thick.

Monday: Pizza night.  Yes, we eat pizza frequently, but I love having leftovers for lunches.  I used a new Pillsbury thin crust dough, but I didn't notice any difference.  It turned out pretty good.  It was simple with pre-made crust, jar sauce, shredded cheese, and pepperoni for the girls.

Tuesday: Meatloaf.  I adore meatloaf and haven't had it in forever.  I buy the bag and season to cook it in and spice it up.  To the glorious beef that we purchased last month I also add some breadcrumbs, an egg, and a diced onion.  That all gets mixed with the seasoning packet and baked in the special bag.  I will be adding to that baked potatoes, which I now do in the cockpot, and roasted brussel sprouts.

A side note on brussel sprouts: I use to hate them, but I think that was because my mother would steam or boil them to mush.  My hubby the chef showed me how to roast them with olive oil and they are much better.

Wednesday: The ever-famous leftover night.  I really recommend planning this night after a few days of cooking.  It will ease your dinner rush and use up what is in the fridge.

Thursday:  Whatever fast food the kids want.  The girls have dance at 4, so I play delivery mom while they are in class.

Friday: The girls and I are headed North to my parents' house for the weekend, and that means we will probably eat on the road.

Saturday:  I have no idea what my mother has in store, but maybe burgers at my favorite place up there: Moose Jaw Junction.

I would love your feedback on this new weekly post: do you like it? What else would you like to see in this? 

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