Sunday Scoop 10/19

9:56 AM Sarah Koves 3 Comments

We had so much fun out with friends last night for grown-ups night out.  We had Indian food.  As a result I am late getting up and getting going today. 

1) All the kids stayed at our house last night while the grown ups were out, so I need to run the vacuum and broom this morning to finalize the clean up.
2) Mail and homework from the week has been piling up on the table, so I need to deal with that stuff today or we may not be able to get to it for meals soon.
3) I refuse to put laundry on my list yet again this week, so I want to get out decorations out, so we can enjoy them a little before the end of the month. Plus the girls like getting all the fun stuff out.

1) My post on journals last week was fairly well-received, so I am hoping to get another such post up.
2) I always have grading to do and since hubby is home, I can drive the three blocks to the school and sit in my classroom to be productive.  I just don't have the same productivity at home.

1) We didn't have many nights at home this past week, so I have stuff to catch up on.  I have also starting watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

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