Freebie Friday: Spelling/Vocabulary Word List Form

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Who doesn't love a freebie?  Today I am featuring a revision on one of my most popular freebies.  I hope that you find it as useful as I do and love the revision so much that you download it and leave me some love.

When I taught middle school, we used hardcover spelling books with activities for every day of the week.  We had only a classroom set of the spelling books, which meant that I had to type and copy the lists.  However, I quickly came up with a much better idea that gave the students practice with their words.

Now, this won't save paper, but I had students complete all their spelling activities on the same piece of paper, so that made it a little more environmentally/copy count friendly.  You could also copy two on a page to save paper.

Every Monday, instead of just handing out a copy of the spelling list, I used these forms ( I made several 100 of them each month and stored them in a basket, so I never ran out) to have students copy their spelling words from the book on to this form.  The process of reading and writing the words helped commit them to long-term memory.

Students could either trade lists with a neighbor to check that the spelling was accurate, or you could check the list yourself as the students finish copying.

There are also blank lines for the students to rewrite the words three more times.

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