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This Saturday is quiet: husband has left for work, Potumus is at her dad's for the weekend, and Schmurtz is still sleeping.  This means a lot of quiet work and reading time for me.  I have so many great reads for you that I had a hard time deciding which ones to share this week.

1. It isn't any secret that I adore Facebook.  Yes, I know it is now considered old school, but there are tons of great resources for teachers.  Check out 5 Facebook Hacks for Teachers for tips.

2. Summer is half over, but back to school is coming faster than anyone in my house likes to admit.  I loved 10 Ways to Prepare Your Teenager for Back to School.

3. My teacher bestie is the English teacher across the hall from me.  We are wonderful individually, but we are even better together- just ask the two guys that make up our work crew.  That is why I love 8 Reasons Why You Need a Teacher Bestie.

4.  We have had two staff members leave this year, which has made me think about what is the best next move for my career.  I loved Teachers Being Loyal May Cost You Your Professional Career.  We must take care of ourselves.

5. Last year our high school spent a lot of time and energy working on creating a positive school culture and PBIS, so when I saw 20 Positive Behavior Rewards That Aren't Food, I knew this was a post to be shared.

6. I have created Summer Schedules in the past, but this summer has been a free-for-all.  I really loved our schedule, but I also have enjoyed this summer A LOT.

7.  AP exams require ink for the written responses, which I prefer, so when Kidpeople Classroom posted about how she avoids pencils in her elementary classroom in the post No More Pencils I nodded all the way through it.  I never thought about her why #3, but it makes a lot of sense.

8. With a soon-to-be high school sophmore and the whole eleventh grade in my room next year, 5 Daily Habits that Will Boost Your GPA is the perfect way to start the year.

9. I am in love with B's Book Love's Harry Potter Classroom.  I love my color scheme, but this makes me was to Hogwarts My Classroom.

10. Next year I want to try Fifth in the Middle's Assignment Cover Slips.

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