Saturday Morning Coffee

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This Saturday was not as quiet as usual.  My youngest got up before me and the plumber arrived at ten to finish our shower/tub job.   I was still able to get some reading done with my coffee, but it was later than usual.

Check out the great links I found.

1. I was struck to the core by the stories behind The Bullied Teacher an the amount of power students have in their school.  I told a student once, may he rest in peace, that students have power to make changes in their school.

2. My students thrive when they are allowed to embrace their social natures, so I know that they will embrace Room 213's Five Ways to Encourage Class Discussion.  Try a couple out before school is out.

3. The American Experience feeds my inner history geek. It was exciting to see their article: Victoria Woodhull's Radical Run for President after I got to read The Renegade Queen earlier this month.

4. Low Stakes Writing is something I do daily in my classroom.  It doesn't carry a weighty grade, but I can certainly do more to allow students to experiment.  Edutopia put together 5 strategies in this read on writing.

5. This Harry Potter Wedding made wish for a redo on my own big day ten years ago.  My favorite man and my favorite books- what could be better?

6. The most recent edition of Google Classroom Updates has arrived. Being able to schedule assignments and announcement for the whole week will save me so many precious minutes.  I am thrilled that come fall we will be able to add parents to our Google Classrooms.

7. I took the Can you recognize these 33 historical events? test and got 100%. I would have been devastated as a history major if I had done poorly, but these images are a part our cultural heritage.  I might use this as a fun game in class to fill time when we finish early..

8.  Surviving the Mom Struggle is something I struggle with every spring as my energy winds down and the pressure adds up.

9. I started book clubs this year with my seniors.  I really could have used Happy in the Middle's Small Group Discussions as we were working through those texts.

10.  The school I teach at has debated and changed their late work and homework policies over the last year.  I have read a couple of books and attended a conference on grading.  None of these things is the perfect answer, so I appreciated Teaching100's struggle in Should Homework Be Counted Late

Did you find any great read this week?  I would love to know what they are.

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