My Wishlist from the C. Jayne Teach Launch Celebration

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C. Jayne Teach has launched her new store, and I got a sneak peek and found four items that are now on my wishlist for the new year- who am I kidding?  I will be getting these as soon as I can.

The opinions here are 100% mine, but I received a coupon for this post.

I am a huge fan of the to-do list and "brain dumping."  I talk about this in my post on The Together Teacher: Chapter 3.  This pad is the perfect place to put together my tasks for the week.  While I adore my digital to-do list in Google Tasks, a visual on my desk at school is very important.  I am also fortunate enough to have a teacher's aid senior, and this pad would be perfect for communicating with her too.

I love stickers!  I adore stickers for my lesson plan book and calendar.  This set of 40 stickers will not only be fun to use but will also highlight the important events I have coming ups.  Never again will I have a "duh" moment because I forgot an upcoming early release day and planned for a full day.

3. Dry Erase Student Clipboard

I have no idea how I have been oblivious to the dry erase clipboard.  This is a genius idea.  I could write my to-do list of student tasks and meetings each night before I leave and erase it when I am done.  I could even take my intervention students, print their names on address labels, and stick them on the left column.  Wouldn't this be great if it were wall-sized?

While I only teach ELA and not math, these student conference notepads are such a handy form for the classroom.  I would use the math column for grammar probably.  I would love to have a set of these for each class of English I have.  Then I can schedule three weeks at a time, so I can-once a month- touch base with each student on all three areas: reading, writing, and grammar.  Plus, won't they look adorable on my desk?

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Did you find anything at the new C. Jayne Teach Store that you can't live without?

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