Calming the Chaos 2016

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Hey Everyone! It's time for the annual Calming the Chaos Blog Hop for Middle and High School Teacher Bloggers.

I have six fun items for you and your students.

Adulting 101

My AP Literature course was done two weeks ago when they presented their senior portfolios.  I asked the students what they wanted to do for the last week and a half.  They responded with the idea to learn all the things they felt they needed to know before they graduated that they had not been taught.

Adulting 101 was born

I started with a quick survey asking them what kinds of skills they wanted.  These are a few of the choices I put on the form.  There is also a place for them to add their own.

Last week we spent two days going over a 1040 tax form.  We also talked about what to wear in professional situations and even about how to sit in dress pants (for the young men) and skirts (for the young ladies).    I have a box of buttons, needles, and thread for this week.

While we didn't get through as many of these items as the students and I hoped, we are very glad we did what we had time for.

End of the Year Student Survey

I found this comprehensive Google Forms Template survey for the end of the class.  I created a copy and edited the projects for each of my classes last year and had students fill in out anonymously in the last weeks of school. It was enlightening to know what they actually thought.  

Here is mine for AP Psychology.

They loved projects and novels that I was considering replacing, so I still use them.

I also learned a lot about what they need to see from me in the future- more timely grading.  This is my #thestruggleisreal

Essay Exams

I use a variety of writing assignments as all of or part of my exams.  

I like essay exams because they

1) Are easy to prep for

2) Allow students to show what they know

3) an be scored from my deck in the sun

All of these are important as you wrap up the end of the year.  Yes, being able to grade them outsides is important because it means the essays don't get put off until the last possible minute, which is a problem I have.

Here are some of my ideas for this year.

Check out my other review sheets:

Last year I wrote about:

-Student Interest

-Variety and Choice

-Getting Outside

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