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Saturday mornings are the only quiet time I get to myself most weeks, and I save all the interesting reads that I find online for that time.  I thought I should share some of my favorites with you.  I hope enjoy them as much as I do.

1.  My AP Psychology class is the first at the advanced level that many student encounter at our school  there are always students who struggle not only with content like any other, but also with a college format.  These Best Procedures for Test Corrections from Math Giraffe are perfect, and I will be changing my testing policy to eliminate retakes as a result.

2.  Busy teachers are always on the look out for easy meal ideas.  When I found Suburban Simplicity's Ham and Cheese Frittata, I knew I could use this as breakfast all week.  It was perfect and reheated wonderfully.

3. My seniors have less than twenty school days left, and we are going to end the year with adult and life lessons.  USA Today's 8 High School Habits that will Fail You in College is going to be required reading for them.  Some of them have developed bad habits- maybe my juniors should read it.

4.  It has taken ten years for me to be less defensive about the work I do when someone questions me, but I know have improved.  It is really the last of The 7 Bad Habits of Ineffective Teachers that I need to conquer.  Where are you?

5.  Twitter has been a great asset to me as an educator.  It is my PLN and a way to connect with students.  I can't wait to try out some of these 100 Twitter Tips for Teachers.

6.  I am teaching journalism now and the lack of an online community for journalism teachers led me to start a Facebook group for Journalism Teachers.

7.  With budgets getting cut, class sizes are going up.  We made the switch to a seven period day to help, but I am starting to see our class sizes creep back up (we were warned this would happen).  This Edutopia article on Managing Large Classes is one I am going to share at work.

8.  I never thought about sharing responsibilities with colleagues.  I think some shared grading might be in order for my teaching partner and I.  Thanks 12 Ways to Reclaim Your Personal Life: Why Teaching Isn't 24 Hours!

9. What if khaki pants were suddenly not school appropriate?  Would we all suddenly clamor to wear them?  Thanks to Who's Who and Who's New for the fun read on Jeans.

10.  With AP Exams this week and finals creeping up on us, I want to try Ms. Wendi's World Wonder's Visual Whiteboard Review Notes.

Did you find any great read this week?  I would love to know what they are.

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