Four New Classroom Necessities

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The opinions here are 100% mine!  This post contains affiliate links.
I am always on the look-out for new and exciting things to bring into my classroom.  These four products that I found have been great new additions to my classroom this spring, and I hope that you find them as useful as I have.

I received samples of these products in exchange for reviews and promotions.

Keep hydrated

How many teachers people don't get enough water to stay hydrated?  I am sure it is the majority of the population.  This Live Infinity water bottle is probably one of the best water bottles that I have ever owned.  I have been keeping it filled on my desk for weeks, and I am now getting my daily allotted water.  Not only does it hold 32 oz of water, but it also has an infuser insert that I can fill with fruit (veggies if you prefer) to give it some flavor.  I think this flavor is why I like it so much.

Use your windows as poster board

Wall space can be valuable real estate in a classroom that is fortunate to have a wall of windows.  I don't have a wall of windows, but I have several and one in my classroom door.  I found these Crafty Crock Liquid Chalk Markers that can be used on windows, so I figured I would try having the students use the class as poster board.  Not only was it fun for them, but it was visible from the outside of the school (granted the text was backwards).  This is a product format that I will continue to use over and over.

Sharpen those colors

Organize your books

Do you have an area of your classroom that leaves something to be desired in terms of organization?  I did.  It was the back bookcase and counter.  This set of six fold-able storage cubes was the perfect solution for organizing my classroom sets of novels, so students could get to the classroom library.

Each bin was roomy and sturdy enough to hold two sets of novels without strain.  I really enjoy a clean, coordinated classroom, so having a full set in neutral color became the perfect addition to an area that lacked organization and continuity.

I think the bins helped clean up and organize the area to a livable point.  Hopefully soon our book room will be up and running, so the extra classroom sets of textbooks and novels can be moved there.

Here is a before picture of the same space to contrast what I was able to do with just six bins.

Be sure to grab your favorites

Have you found anything new for your classroom this spring?

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