Planning for a Sweet Sixteen

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HotRef for IZEA. All opinions and words are 100% mine.

Potumus is currently a high school freshman, and this summer she will be taking driver’s training.  That means in less than one year, we will be putting together the biggest birthday party every.  This gives us ten months to plan, organize, and create.  This may seem like a lot of time, but in order to make this special, we want to begin working now, so that we can maximize on our summer vacation free time.  Here is our list of necessities and how we are handling them.

Guest List
We are actually going to wait until Christmas break of next year to put this together.  This is because I know the list will fluctuate based on who is speaking to whom and who is dating whom at the time.  We can put together a preliminary list and set a maximum head count.

While I am a penny pincher and don’t like spending money on things that I can do myself, I am a HUGE fan of having parties at locations that will not require me to clean before or after.  This is why we are beginning to scope out local spots that will do the clean up for me.  Bowling alley and skating rink are top contenders at this point. We know we will have to be inside with it being a winter birthday.

Once again I being my less-is-more philosophy to this one as well.  If we get the right location, we won’t have much decorating to do.  Some balloons will be purchased in the pink and purple color scheme.  In addition we will be blowing up some photos of Potumus and her friends this summer to hang up.

Tacos and pizza seem to the be the top choices for these teens.  The location will play a factor into what food we have because some locations have rules that you must get your food from them while others will let you bring in your own.  Chef Hubby is pushing for a taco bar, so the kids can build their own.

One thing we know for sure is that he will be making a cake to top all cakes for her.  Chocolate cake with peanut butter filling will be one layer with the others still being debated.


This butterfly cake set takes the cake, and with this topper it will be a masterpiece that we can eat.


I did try and convince her that cupcakes like these would be the way to go.


With those wrappers and toppers, we could bake and go.

There are so many great things to choose from.
Potumus likes these personalized  lip balms


HOTREF has many more options for personalized favors as well.

I love these luggage tags.


But we agree that for the boys, food favors are the way to go.  These chocolate pretzels are perfect.


This has gotten much easier since I was a teenager.  My husband has a great set of speakers, and will hook up our computer to play the music.  This allows Potumus and her friends to create their own playlists within my Amazon Music Account to download and play live without the cost of a band or DJ.

What did you do for your 16th birthday?

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