What is the teacher reading? October 2015

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I read a ton in the last month, and I want to share my great finds with you.
 I have added the ads for Amazon, so you can add the books to your wish list or download a sample TODAY.

This series was read in one weekend.  I picked up the first book because my 14-year-old daughter had it.  Nothing was accomplished for the rest of that day.  The rest were borrowed from the daughters of a friend.  
This is another dystopian young adult novel series that centers around a strong female lead.  In this society the prince chooses his bride through a Bachelor/Bachellorette-type contest.  This a perfect novel to build strong young women.

This book was added to my Kindle after the ads began to run for the television mini-series, which I ADORE.  However, the teacher in me made sure to read the books before watching the series; I didn't get the book done before the series started, but I did stay ahead of the episodes.

This book is non fiction and follows the lives of the wives of the first astronauts and the growth of the U.S. space program.  There has been a lot written about the Mercury Seven Astronauts, but their wives had their own challenges and achievements too.

Dear Hubby is a chef, and I put myself through college by waiting tables as a local ski and golf resort.  As a fan of Anthony Bourdain this book was a no-brainer to pick up.

Everything in this memoire is an accurate representation of the food service industry based upon my experience.  Follow Anthony from his early days as a dishwasher to his life as a world-known chef.

As a huge fan of period pieces and romance novels this one was fun to pick up.  This novel takes place at a summer resort in Iowa for wealthy families from the cities.  The heroin, Marguerite, falls in love with being on the water, but as a young lady it isn't acceptable.  She befriends a local sailboat racer and defends her family to get what she wants out of life and change lives.

My favorite author of all times is Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Karen Witmeyer's novel has the feel of the Little House Books.  Hannah opens her own dress shop in a growing city in Texas.  J.T. frequently comes to her rescue, but refuses to think of her as anything other than someone making money off women's vanity...until Hannah starts working to help J.T.'s sister.

This trilogy is another period piece.  It follows a group of friends who become family.  The leading men are sailors in the Royal Navy of Great Britian who travel the seas; the ladies are spirited and dependent.  Pirates, villianous nobility, and disguises add to the adventures of the characters I grew to love. 

Leave me a comment about what other books I should check out, what looks interesting to you, or what you are currently reading.

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