Sunday Scoop 10/4

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My favorite way to get a jump on my Sunday To-Do List:   Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop


1) My parents gave me a huge basket of tomatoes last Sunday.  I washed them all and put them in the fridge.  Today I need to get them cleaned, in jars, and in the canner.  If I wait any longer, they won't be any good.  I will be saving a few for BLTs this week.  The girls managed to devour most of the cherry tomatoes, which makes me happy.

2) The next two weeks are going to be NUTS with conferences, professional development, and a trip to Minnesota, so I need to get two weeks of lesson plans done, so copies can be made Monday.  I WILL get ahead this week.

3) My nephews were here Friday night and yesterday was a whirlwind, so vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping have yet to happen for the weekend.  It will be done soon.  A clean floor always make me feel better.


1) I am behind and have conferences this Thursday and Friday...enough said.

2) I have a ton of techy stuff today: take one of my Google tests, plan a pd agenda to submit to the state, work on my slides for miGoogle conference in November, update PowerSchool.  I hope to get some time to work on these projects.


1) Three of the four of us in the house have colds and it is currently 45 degrees outside.  That combined with the mass amount of tomatoes in my fridge leads me to think chili and bread are on the list for dinner tonight.  I enjoy cooking, and this will make lunch for the week easy.

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