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I can't even express how happy I am to be part of this blog hop and that you stopped by.

My trick of the trade for you is to use those eye-catching infographics in your classroom.  I don't know about you, but I don't have the greatest textbooks (one class doesn't have one at all), especially when it comes to informational texts.  As a result I am always looking for great supplements for my students in the area of nonfiction.

My solution: Infographics

Aren't these images always popping up on our Facebook and Pinterest feeds?  Just a quick search of Pinterest for Infographics left me with pages and pages on nonfiction texts to use in class.  There are infographics for everything from animals to psychological disorders.

As you may know if you stop by often, I have a new elective I am teaching this year: Women's Studies.  There is no book for this class, but there are tons of infographics on the topic.  We are studying human trafficking presently.

We watched a video and read a couple of articles on the topic, but I wanted more.  I printed out five infographics on the topic in color as that always seems to have biggest impact.

Students then walked the room to view and analyze each infographic to collect information on human trafficking and to analyze the arguments and biases of each infographic.

You really need to print a set of these and use them as an informational text next week.
You can even have students create their own infographics.  I spend the last three months working with another Michigan blogger, Jianna Taylor, to put together an hour long webinar on writing informational texts in digital spaces. 

Check out the recording and resources from our session below.

How Can Digital Spaces Change and Enhance Our Thinking about Informational Writing?Featured Speaker: Jianna Taylor, Teacher Consultant, Oakland Writing Project

Also be sure to register for the 4T Digital Conference happening in May.  This is a free online conference (yeah for free PD in PJs) focusing on Teachers Teaching Teachers about Technology.

I have two treats for you:
1) A limited-time freebie
2) A giveaway from my TPT store

My freebie is the lesson, directions, and document that I used with my students while studying arguments and infographics.

Be sure to grab this treat now because it will only be free for the duration of the hop.  Please be sure to leave some love in the form of feedback.

Thanks for stopping at my house to trick or treat!

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